• Multilingual doctor, assistants and dental laborotory team (English, Russian, French and Italian)Separate waiting-area for patients and their companions or family members with drinks, little bites to eat and the possibility of Internet use
  • Treatment spectrum ranging from Prophylaxis to surgical procedures including the most modern 3D-Diagnosis and dental technology

  • Short duration for the completion of dental prosthetics through highly qualified dental laboratory with the most up to date technology. No patient of ours leaves the practice with a gap in their teeth, but is emediately provided with a temporary replacement

  • Possibility of treatement unter General Anasthetic, if necessary, also with admission as an in-patient into a clinic

  • Digital archiving of all data, including x-rays and occlusion-situation. The advantage: quickest availability of this data woldwide, regardless of where the treatment is to be continued
  • We exclusively use products from companies which are renowed worldwide, for example Implants from the Straumann company, which is the world leader in the Implantologie field

  • Treatment estimate plan, if desired, at the first consultation

  • If desired, treatment bill up till the final treatment day

  • Individual appointments can be arranged on all weekdays

Dental Practice at Olympiapark

“First the person, then the tooth”

Doctor and dentist Dr. med. Dr. med. Dent. Gerald Heigis

Your dental practice at the Olympiapark: fully digitalized, allergy-free, painless

In the “Dental Practice at the Olympiapark” in the heart of Munich Olympic Village, Dr. med. Dr. med. Dent. Gerald Heigis offers the complete spectrum of modern dentistry. This means, that only the most advanced dental treatment and diagnostic methods, digital instruments and allergy-free products are used.

“Our philosophy is, to inform you of the most up to date developments, so that we can develop the right strategy and plan for your dentition together. Our mutual treatment aim: the long-term health treatment of your teeth, and as a result, your entire body and quality of life”.Dr. Dr. Gerald Heigis, doctor, dentist and maxillo-facial surgeon, works closely with science and plays a vital role in the development of the 3D-Planning for Implantology, which is one of his focal points. A futuristic treatment method which results in less pain and shorter operation times.

Together with his specialist team, he stands for advancement, painfree treatments and a trustworthy relationship.

Our Services – Investment in your health

Dr. Dr. Gerald Heigis covers the entire spectrum of modern dentistry and maxillo-facial surgery, from dental hygiene to the treatment of fractured jaws. Asthetic Implantology und Paradontolgy are focal points. We plan implants using 3D-Pictures (X-rays), which effectively reduces operation time and makes the result forseable. Paradontitis may be, but does not have to be. When it is so, don´t worry: we recognize, treat and above all, we involve you in post treatment, so that your parodontitis-treatment is successful in the long term. We put great emphasis on professional oral hygiene and prophylaxis. This investment in your health is the basis for healthy, beautiful teeth – and that for a lifetime. Our highly development prophylactic system, in the hands of a professional dental hygienist, recognizes diseases early on to avoid unpleasant surprises. For a healthy, lasting beautiful smile.

    1. Implantology
    2. Crowns
    3. Facings (Veneers)
    4. Root treatment
    5. Treatment of dysfunction
    6. Professional dental hygiene and prophylaxis
    7. Bleaching
    8. Oral surgery
    9. Adjacent own laboratory for dental technical work

Intraoral scanning: the end of impression material, silver tray and choking-reflexWhether for crowns, bridges, inlays or implants: the conventional impression with pastes and so on have outlived their services with us. Dr. Dr. Gerald Heigis brings you security and a feeling of well-being.This is how it works: the narrow hand piece of the iTero Scanner glides over your teeth and by merging singular pictures together, produces 3D-Data. The data’s are transferred in video-sequences, while you are still sitting on the dental chair, into a tooth-mould on to the monitor the screen. This allows Dr. Heigis to make immediate corrections. The positive result: substantial saving of time and costs, high precision, fewer dental visits and no sources for error. This provides the dental technician with ideal conditions to make the perfect fitting prosthesis.

The beautiful thing is, this technique is appropriate for all who wish to enjoy a sense of well-being at the dentist and that one visits to the practice will assure the desired results, perfect fitting prosthesis without impressions.

Gerald Heigis – doctor and dentist

Dr. Dr. Gerald Heigis knows that one specialist field alone is not enough to thoroughly medically treat a person. As a doctor “Dr. med. and a dentist Dr. med. dent.”, he takes care of the whole well-being of his patients. Curing the symptoms are not in the foreground, but their cause. It was already clear to him during his medical and dental studies in Tübingen: the most important factor is the person. The former chief doctor of the military hospital in Ulm passes on this knowledge at numerous advanced training and qualification events. Renowned Companies like Straumann, Elexxion or Orange Dental also trust in the expertise of the dedicated dentist-doctor.


100% digitalized: The digital Practice is no longer a dream of the future with us, it’s already reality. The possible uses of the impression-technique with modern CAD/CAM procedure brings you a lot of advantages as regards standardization, assurance of quality and patient comfort. We are working with the best in the world in the dental laser Technology area, with regard to efficiency. Furthermore we have immediate access to your x-rays through the digitalization. The development occurs digital, direct and fast with us.
100% allergy-free: You don´t take any risk in our practice! We work exclusively with allergy free products. Latex free gloves and medicines without allergens are a matter of importance for us. Just as only allergen-free products are used in dental materials.

Dental Practice at the Olympiapark

With the Underground:

U3 Line in the direction of “Olympia Einkaufszentrum”
Stop: Olympiazentrum, move in the direction of train, crossing bridge left where lots of signs are to be seen on the wall to the right. Continue straight past the bakers Shop and keeping left towards the first house in Connollystr. 4. The practice is on the ground floor.

By Car:

From the city centre, taking the Lerchenauer Str., then take left turn right after Olympiazentrum Underground Station into Helene-Mayer-Ring, at the fork in this road turn left into Connollystr. Taking the first drive in on the right, house number 4-6. There are 2 parking boxes on the right hand side with signs of the practice which is just a few meters away marked Number 4, the practice is on the ground floor and can be reached with the elevator from the parking area.